Portrait of a Peruvian

Peaches here, presenting Morry, our herd's only boar, and only Peruvian! A Peruvian is one of those long-haired breeds, Morry's fur grows pretty quickly so our slaves need to give him trims regularly. Morry's fur parts in the middle straight down his back, and when left to its own devices, grows forward over his nose in front.

However, our slaves noticed that he prefers his fur shorter because he keeps shaking it away from his face when its longer, so they keep it clipped short for him. They also make sure to keep the fur near his rear short so things won't get too messy back there. Since I am a short-haired American, I am always sort of jealous because he has such long, lustrous locks while I just have this short fuzz. But, at least I can take consolation in the fact that because I'm short-haired, the slaves can't style my fur into something resembling a lion's mane! *giggles

Wheeks, Peaches


  1. Have I worked out how to post comments?

    What a very handsome chap.

    Love the blog.

  2. Morry says thank you everyone! All his grooming must have paid off, then :)