LolPig Peaches is too big for her pigloo



Peaches ate so much, she outgrew her pigloo!

Just kidding. Regularly weighing in at around 1220-1250 grams, Peaches and Revy are the heaviest girls in our guinea pig herd. Not to worry though, Peaches didn't really grow bigger than her pigloo - she is just posing next to a dwarf hamster pigloo. (Is that still called a pigloo? Or should it be a hamster-loo? That sounds too much like a loo for hamsters though. Perhaps it is called a hamstergloo? Although Hamster Glue might sound even worse?)

Click on the pigtures to see Peaches in full size! Doesn't she make a cute LolPig?

"I am too cute for my own good! More grass, pretty please?"


  1. Showed the pigtures to my Mum and all that could be heard was:

    aaah, AAAAAAAAAH

    So very cute!

  2. That is excellent feedback from humans! It means that more treats are surely on the way. (hungrypigs)

  3. I very much enjoyed those photos. Peaches is a natural in front of the camera.

  4. Glad you enjoyed them! Peaches may be a natural but she is also easily bribed, many bundles of grass were involved lol.