Piggy Songs: Volume III

One of our humans has been going through a Broadway musical phase lately so whee cavies have been listening to lots of Broadway classics. Obviously though, humans versions of songs leave a lot to be desired. It is indisputable that we pigs simply do everything better!

Can you guess this latest Piggy Song that Poof and Peaches came up with?

♫ Anything Poof can eat,
Peach can eat faster.
Peach can eat anything
Faster than Poof.

(Poof) No you can't
Munch munch munch
(Peaches) Yes I can
Munch munch munch
(Poof) No you can't
(Peaches) Yes, I can,
Yes I can!

Any weight you can gain
I can gain greater,
Sooner or later
I'm bigger than you

(Poof) No, you're not. (Peaches) Yes, I am.
(Poof) No, you're not. (Peaches) Yes, I am.
(Poof) No, you're NOT! (Peaches) Yes, I am,
Yes I am!


  1. rofl that would be "anything you can do" we have no idea where the original is from but we love your version

  2. Love that! I can picture Pinni and Bertie singing that!

  3. thanks! Whee hope that if the humans are impressed enough by our singing it will result in veggies being tossed at us for an encore :)