Piggy Poems: Steve's Poem

Me, gazing at Steve's pigture where he is wishing I was there, wishing he was here

Wheek, it's me, Truffle! Today I wanted to share with you all a poem that Steve composed. Steve is my piggy suitor, and a very handsome, thoughtful boar. Like me, he is crested and has white, red, and agouti fur - see, whee are perfect for each other!

Steve gazing at my pigture, where I am gazing at his pigture

Alas, since Steve lives with his cagemate Mima in Australia, whee don't get to play together. Instead, we wheek at each other via Twitter (give him a wheek @Stevethegpig). He is funny, sweet and lots of fun. Now, here is his poem!

"A poem by Steve. Ahem...

Thinking of my pretty Truffle
With her lovely crested crown
Sending her a piggy cuddle
As I popcorn up and down
Wheek wheek as my people nag
Wheek little do they know
I'm packing up my bag
and off to California I go"

Squeeeeee isn't it a lovely poem?! A piggy poem just for me, I feel so special!

<3 Truffle

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