Piggy with a bow

Coppy in her cuddle cup

Pigtures of Coppy looking adorably festive in a sparkly red ribbon...because there are few things cuter than a guinea pig wearing a bow!

Truffle would like to add that she agrees with the above statement, she thought it was very charming when Steve (her piggy suitor) wore a red and white ribbon to cheer on his favorite sports team.

Coppy wishing she was given more carrot tops


  1. Coppy is looking very cute! (not as cute as Truffle of course) But I agree bows are in. :)

  2. Coppy looks very cute! (it's ok Truffle you're still the cutest) and I agree bows are in! :)

  3. Thank you Steve! Bows and ribbons for piggy fashion, although crests are ALWAYS in fashion WOL

    hugs, Truffle