Peaches nose nuzzling

Peaches greets her piggy mom

Out of all of us guinea pigs, Peaches is one of the friendliest towards humans. She does not like all humans (and harbors a particular dislike for strangers, smokers and anybody wielding a jangling set of keys), however she is quite sociable with our human slaves.

Peaches likes to say hello by leaning forward to sniff inquisitively at our slaves noses. If she feels comfortable enough then she will lick or nibble on the ends of their noses a few times. Our humans find her nose nuzzling trick adorable and always give her a few veggie treats whenever she greets them this way. Not all of us enjoy this though, for example, Truffle especially hates having her snout nuzzled and always backs up whenever they try to do so.

Do any of your piggies like to nuzzle you?

Enjoying some organic basil from the garden