Hopping about

Before whee moved, our humans had a living room that was sectioned off by couches so we could free range during our out-of-cage playtime. They put a 2x3 C&C grid cage in the center of this area with hay, food, water and pigloos. Since all of us are pretty adept at hopping up and down the stairs in our regular cage, they left one side of it open so we could come and go as we pleased. Us piggies would nibble, drink, poop or sleep inside the open enclosure, then hop out to go exploring.

Here are two short video clips of Coppy hopping back into the open cage after her adventuring. Whee cannot help but admire her graceful leaps! Not all of our hops are nearly as artistic, for example, Revy always lands with an ungainly thump. But of course not all piggies like to jump around, Sharky and Morry never showed any inclination to. Our humans still used Carefresh paper based bedding back then, this was shortly before they switched to fleece.

Do your piggies enjoy jumping or hopping about? Or do they prefer to keep their paws planted firmly on solid ground?


  1. My girls love to hop around. I know it's not recommended to have mutliple leveled cage, but mine have a couple of levels that they can leap up to and check out the view.

    Unfortunately, they're not so great on the concept of "home base" and if they were free range, they tend to pee wherever instead of only at home. I'm jealous of your pigs!

  2. Whee love to hop around too - if anyone tried to take our second level away we'd be quite upset!