All bundled up

Nothing like fleece straight from the dryer and corn husks to munch on!

Brrrr! It's been getting pretty nippy over here, and whee didn't even bite anybody.

Luckily, we have our own personal space heater to keep us nice and toasty warm. Plus we have plenty of fleece and pigloos to snuggle up in!

Piggy ghost


  1. Wheeeee have central heating and lots of hay for our cages, Mummy has also got us lots of towels, blankets and duvets.

  2. Willow often demands breakfast in bed. She loves her cozy!

  3. Boomer & Minions, everything sounds quite cozy! How very lucky of you all to have such a devoted mummy.

    PaintedThread, Willow certainly has the right idea!