Where did the fleece go?

Truffle: What is this @#$%? Where did all my fleece go??

Where did all our comfy fleece bedding go?? Well, apparently today was Cage Changing Day, so our humans took our soiled fleece and towels to be washed. (Our palatial cage is changed and the surroundings vacuumed twice a week. )

We have multiple sets of bedding so they replaced everything after it was removed, but it does take a while to get our things set up again. Oh well, we suppose that is one drawback of having a two story cage.

"Left a stray poop behind for them to clean up. Ha!"

Peaches: These are certainly not the plush deluxe accommodations I am accustomed to! I am most displeased.

"Human, the provided turn down service is too slow. Speed it up!"

"...I said to be more prompt, not to pet me."

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