Decorating our guinea pig Christmas tree

To most people, Black Friday means hauling yourself to the nearest electronics retailer at an obscenely early hour to brawl over the latest gaming system and unnecessarily large TVs. To our humans, it means a chance to nab a few extra towels to use under our bedding, browse quality kitchen tools, and most importantly - pick out ornaments to hang on our own special guinea pig Christmas tree! Now that is what discounts are for. As an added bonus, nobody ever feels passionate enough about basic home goods to engage in skirmishes so such retailers are refreshingly mob-free.

Anyways, for the holiday season, whee guinea pigs are getting our own personal Christmas tree! Of course, it is outfitted with piggy approved ornaments - fruits, veggies, piggy sized sleds, and other animals to name a few.

Here are some quick snapshots of how everything looks so far. Can you spot the food ornaments we picked out?

Whee piggies were too full from dinner to try out the sled, so an understudy posed for us.

Our capybara cousins also joined in the fun!

All our food ornaments consist of things we like to eat. There is a carrot, blackberry, radicchio, tomato, red bell pepper, carrot, cucumber, green beans, corn, grapes, an orange and a raspberry. Haven't found any lettuce or hay ornaments yet though, but still, its enough to make a piggy hungry!

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