Peaches gets into the holiday spirit

"Having my morning cup of carrot juice!
Who needs coffee when you're as energetic a piggy as me?"

Nopiggy can accuse Peaches of not having any holiday spirit! She does love to pose for photo shoots, perhaps even more than the rest of us guinea pigs do. Of course, she also does love eating, and since whee piggies are paid in edibles...

Our humans found this cute decorative mug in the shape of a bear and thought it was perfectly piggy sized. Peaches seemed to think so too. If you look closely, you'll see that the handle is actually a little Santa hat.

Of course, there also has to be at least one pigture of Peaches in a Santa hat...

"Showing off my goofy side, wheek!"
..not to mention posing in our holiday top hat! Who says guinea pigs can't channel Fred Astaire?

Striking a pose with the decorative poinsettias* 

* Of course, no real poinsettias were used since they are poisonous to us guinea pigs


  1. Peaches says thank you PaintedThread!

    Thank you Mopsy, I do try to get in a fair amount of exercise. For example, I make it a priority to work out my jaw muscles by eating as much as possible. -Peaches