Peaches veggie beard

Peaches: This isn't a beard, its a fashion statement.

As you can probably tell by looking at the pigture above, Peaches loves to eat. Of course, all of us guinea pigs do, but Peaches takes it to another level - she can often be found continuing to chow down at the food bowls long after the rest of us have eaten our fill and gone to bed.

Whee are not sure why this is, but occasionally Peaches gets overenthusiastic with her vegetables and ends up giving herself a veggie beard (made of leafy green vegetable juices). This is especially likely to happen when whee are given romaine lettuce or dandelion greens for dinner. Oddly enough, the rest of us always keep ourselves spic and span - well, except for Poof, who also develops a small veggie beard when dandelion greens are present. Our humans always end up wiping their dirty piggy chins clean if they don't groom themselves afterwards!

Guess Peaches is just a messy eater!

"No Officer, I have no clue where those rogue lettuce leaves went!"

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