A guinea pig's morning exercises

Some humans make it a point to exercise in the morning. Well, Belka is a cavy who also enjoys an early workout. She takes advantage of the space available in our C&C fleece cage to sprint laps, wind around obstructions, leap over objects and hurdle upstairs. Her favorite obstacles include pigloos, tunnels, huts, tents, food bowls and anything else she can find lying around the cage.

Our piggy slave managed to record the end of Belka's workout in this short video clip. You can see her sprinting around the fleece tunnel and racing through the fleece hut through the curtain before vaulting up to the second floor loft. The ensuing ruckus is her bouncing around upstairs, but Belka is sneaky enough to know when to don an innocent facade when a camera is nearby.

Meanwhile, Poof, Truffle, and Peaches (mostly out of sight, if you look closely you can see her side) continue to eat hay from their vertical hay rack. Clearly Belka's energy spurts are nothing interesting to them.

Cavies, do you engage in any morning exercises, or are you more of a night pig? If so, what does your workout routine consist of?


  1. The calm munching of Poof while Belka goes crazy nuts is very funny.

    My lot have a run around the landing of the house most evenings. Separate sessions for the boars and sows, of course. I put down tunnels and other things for them to explore.

    The late lamented Dido used to love galloping like Belka

  2. Just like Bertie! I love that you could see the upper level bouncing around from Belka.

    Bertie does morning and evening laps. Thumpa-thumpa!

  3. Mopsy, that sounds like fun for them. No doubt Woody appreciates going second, he can sniff out where his love Boomer has explored then.

    PaintedThread, Belka loves causing havoc. Bertie and Belka should be workout partners.

  4. You are correct, Mr Woody loves a good whiffle and is in heaven after his beloved Boomer has been around.