Hidden cavies

Shh, humans... can't you see we piggies are busy trying to nap under here?

We are hidden ninja cavies ready to pounce on any wayward vegetables.

Up to no good, plotting our piggy takeover of the veggies

Do I hear a vegetable calling my name?

Waiting for our massage appointments, why is the masseuse late?


  1. The fluff, the paws, the eyes, the peegy leeeps!

  2. Silly pigs, don't you know you have to hide your nose to not be seen by the humans? At least that's what my girls think (even if their butts are hanging out in the open).

  3. Such beautiful girls! The one on the left reminds me of my Ginger. :o)

  4. Mopsy, humans are powerless to resist our adorable peegy leeps!

    PaintedThread whee would rather hide our rears than cover our noses! Less surface area is visible to passing pedestrians.

    Pencils and Paint, thank you :) that is Coppy, next her on the right is Morry.