Custom built wooden guinea pig houses and hay wagon

Whee piggies were thrilled when presented with these custom built wooden guinea pig houses! Fleece cozies and hideaways are ideal for staying snug in chilly weather, but these wooden houses are perfect for keeping cool during the sweltering months of summer.

Between the lot of us, we have a spacious "Barn House", roomy "Storybook House", and fun "Hay Wagon" to share. All are hand made with new materials, decorated with non toxic milk paint and sealed with non toxic clear coat so they are safe for us to chew on.

We love how each one is incredibly detailed and has its own unique characteristics. The barn has a fun hayloft  that can be stuffed with hay, the cottage style storybook house has a piggy sized windowsill planter box, and the hay wagon can comfortably fit a three pound cavy determined to sit on all the fresh hay. We pigs were so happy with our new toys, we couldn't stop chasing each other in and out of them. So many windows and doorways!

Each house was $35, and the hay wagon was $20. There is even an option to request detail changes such as color scheme or size. If you would like to order one for your piggy or find out more, check out Wheek Boutique on Etsy or email guineapighouses@yahoo.com.

More pictures of each coming soon. 
Edit: post has been updated to reflect corrections, these houses are made by an independent craftsman not OCCH. We apologize for any confusion.


  1. Oooooooooooooooooooooooo, do they deliver to the UK?

  2. Mopsy, I'm not sure but you could always send them an email to find out. Since they shipped it to me I don't see why not :)

  3. Those are pretty cool! And I spy a pig in a hay rack! You're going to just encourage Bertie. ;-)

  4. PaintedThread, I thought Bertie would love it too when I read your hay rack post yesterday ;)