Poof's Spay Incision Healing: Days 1-6 photo log

Here are pictures that show how Poof's cavy ovariohysterectomy (spay) surgery incision is healing.

Warning: this post contains mildly graphic images so if you are squeamish then we ask that you proceed with caution or skip reading this altogether.

These photos of Poof's underside were taken from below while she was sitting on top of a sanitized clear surface. They simply show her shaved tummy and the surgical staples used to close the incision site. No blood or guts are visible - only fur, feet, piggy lips and perhaps a stray poop or two.
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4
 On day 4, we took Poof off Metacam (pain medication). By the time it wore off, she was feeling so well that she managed to prematurely remove two out of nine staples by herself. Thankfully, the staples were not adjacent.

The vet said that as long as the incision site is 1) not continuously bleeding or 2) starting to open, it is fine. They assured us that the bit of dried blood we spotted was a good sign since scabbing means the wound is healing.

Day 5

The surgical staples Poof managed to pull out on her own

Day 6

For more information about Poof's ovarian cyst symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and post-operative care, see earlier post here.


  1. I love the way you took the shots. What a great idea!

    Those are some serious staples. She's one determined rodent to pull those out.

  2. PaintedThread, thanks - I reasoned that this method would be less stressful and easier on Poof than lifting her up or flipping her. Poof is already doing enough damage herself by gnawing at whatever staple she can reach!

  3. Wow! Kind of looks like she has her own little zipper there! :o)

    We're so glad that she's doing well. Please give her a cuddle for us.

    Best wishes from Sherry and 7 lovable cavy pals (Pepper, Maia, Cookie, RubyLu, Dusty, Stripe, and Vincent)

  4. Sherry, thanks for the well wishes! Hugs to you and your little herd :)

  5. Oh my, I've never seen stitches like that. My vet uses stitches that resolve on their own.

    Hope you are feeling much better Poof!

    (Janneke aka J from the winky team)

  6. J, one of our earlier pigs had those (dissolving sutures). Our vet said that staples seem to be the most secure. I shudder to imagine what Poof would have done to normal stitches then!

    Best wishes to you, Bo, Coco & Sjeuf :)