Save some guineas - adopt rescued piggies

Revy and Poof want to show their support for National Adopt Rescued Guinea Pigs Month in March, and for our favorite rescue organization Orange County Cavy Haven!

They have even come up with a slogan, "Save some guineas - adopt rescued piggies". You can see them hard at work advocating for adoption during their day jobs as Undercover Guinea Pig agents.

As we posted earlier, the purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness of homeless cavies in rescues and shelters, find them forever homes, and educate piggy parents about their proper care. Guinea Pig Today is leading the way and has an article that describes what you can do to help.

Learn more by visiting adopt.guineapigtoday.com.


  1. Poof looks good, how is she doing?

    Great Pigtures,
    Agents wheeker, lily'explorer and lil'woop (aka daisy, lily and woopy) of the under cover guinea pigs blog

  2. Hi Mikey, we are pleased to report that Poof has recovered from her ordeal and is doing quite well - we saw the vet recently and he said she looks great after going through a major operation. Hurrah!

    All the agents here would like to relay a wheek hello to their fellow undercover agent pigs.