Wooden "Storybook" guinea pig house

"Where is my daily delivery of lettuce?" -Peaches

Whee piggies love this charming cavy sized wood cottage. It is called the "Storybook House", which is the perfect name for it as it really does look like something straight out of a fairy tale! One with guinea pigs, of course.

The delightfully detailed Storybook House is fun for both guinea pigs and humans alike. It has a large entrance in front and windows on all sides that we can peer out of, or use to make a quick getaway (unless you are on the tubby side). Our favorite is the largest window, which comes with a piggy sized windowsill planter box attached. It measures 9"W x 12"L x 11"H and is roomy enough to fit three pigs, although none of us are ever inclined to share. The doorway and windows are framed with a delicate floral pattern that matches the ornamental eaves.

The house is hand made with new materials, decorated with non toxic milk paint and sealed with non toxic clear coat so they can be cleaned and won't harm any pig that chews on them. Ours is painted in a pink and purple theme, with a speckled lavender roof. We pigs think it matches our crisp green veggies very well.

Belka trimming the grass with her front teeth

Truffle and Belka both want garden maintenance duties

Belka and Poof wait for dinner to be delivered to their door

If you would like to order one for your guinea pig or find out more, check out Wheek Boutique on Etsy or email guineapighouses@yahoo.com.

Edit: post has been updated to reflect corrections, these houses are made by an independent craftsman not OCCH. We apologize for any confusion.


  1. I love these posts, especially the action gardening shots.

  2. Goodness, these are such cute houses! Are they fully assembled when you get them? I would think they'd be easier to ship flat.

  3. Sir Brian, Belka and Truffle particularly enjoyed acting out the action gardening snapshots!

    PaintedThread, yes they arrive fully assembled :) although they are more complex and well made than the standard wooden small animal box houses sold in stores, so I imagine a kit would deter some people.

  4. Look at the fearsome teeth on Belka!

  5. Mopsy, she uses them to cut down hapless piles of grasses and hay without mercy

  6. Good work! Boomzilla is super impressed.