Revy, Guinea Pig Hairstylist

Revy examines her client

Revy was recently caught barbering - not herself or another guinea pig, but one of our humans!

During cage changing, Revy usually gets picked up and cuddled. At other times when she is in a fussy mood she gets shuffled upstairs to the loft while the bottom level is cleaned out. From there she treads a path in the fleece pacing back and forth, complaining all the while until she is allowed back downstairs.

However, instead of observing the proceedings on this occasion Revy decided to occupy herself by barbering the unsuspecting slave's hair. Maybe she wanted to give him a trendier look. Or perhaps she thought he would look better with choppy Abyssinian tufts. Either way, Guinea Pig Hairstylist is certainly a new addition to her resume.

An artist at work

"I think it needs a little more off the top..."

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