Afternoon on the lawn

"Its not time to go in yet, is it?"

There's nothing we pigs enjoy more than spending a sunny afternoon outside munching grass on the lawn.

We get to laze around stuffing our faces with as much grass as possible, while the humans in return have less grass to mow. As an extra bonus we leave piggy beans behind, which works as a natural fertilizer. A win-win situation for everyone!

"Oh well if not, then I can't be bothered to pose for the camera" -Truffle

Revy looks up for a brief moment

but decides she has more important things to take care of instead.


  1. My girls are still waiting for the weather to warm up before going out. But once they are outside, they never want to come back in! I have to chase them all around the pen to catch them.

  2. Mine never want to go back inside either. They run whenever they see someone approaching.

  3. Wheeee like the look of your lawn. Our lawn has stupid chemicals on it so we send Mummy to pick grass for us at her sisters.


  4. Boomzilla that sounds like a suitable compromise. Our humans go to extreme lengths to keep our lawn pig-friendly, such as using a manual hand pushed lawn mower so the grass won't be contaminated by rubbish from gas powered mowers.

    Your Mummys sisters pigs must be very satisfied with the abundance of easily available grass.