Guinea Pig Weight Charts

Routinely weighing your guinea pig is a recommended part of guinea pig care. Since sudden weight loss and a decreased appetite are among the first noticeable symptoms of illness, regular weighing is good practice. Kitchen scales are the perfect size for guinea pigs and provide more accurate readings than the larger scales meant to be used by humans. The whole chase-grab-weigh-record process is quick and doesn't take more than a few minutes. The most time consuming part is trying to nab everyone as they scramble for cover.

We have compiled a series of charts showing each pig's growth and changes in weight over time, starting from when they were adopted. Belka, Truffle and Peaches were adopted at the same time and were all about the same age, which explains the similarities in their charts. Both Poof and Revy were a bit older when they were adopted separately later, which accounts for the different trends in their respective charts.

These charts show data up until January 2012. Please note that the unit of measurement is in grams (for reference, there are 453.6 grams in 1 pound, 906 grams in 2 lbs, etc). We are planning to make charts with updated data in another years time.

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