Current C&C cage setup for 6 guinea pigs

Revy and Abby-Roo's quarters

Our humans decided to remodel our cage after Abby-Roo came to live with Revy. At the moment they reside in a 2x4 C&C grid living area while the rest of us guinea pigs (Belka, Truffle, Peaches and Poof) share a 3x5 grid area with a 2x1 second floor loft.

We used to have a larger 2x3 level upstairs but our humans took it away after Poof's surgery so she wouldn't harm herself while running up and down the ramp. Now that she has fully recovered, Revy's old loft has temporarily been placed in our cage. In the meantime, our humans have been thinking of ways to expand our cage and add lofts to both quarters. Hope they figure out something soon, we pigs wouldn't mind an upgrade!

Belka, Truffle, Peaches & Poof's quarters

Hard at work extracting the lettuce

Peaches enjoys napping in the walkway behind the loft

Belka settling in for a snooze underneath the ramp

Peaches clowning around with the red bell pepper at the top of the ramp

Fleece draped over the grids upstairs make for a cozy hideaway 


  1. Great pigtures, I'm planning on making the girls a C&C cage when I move house.

    Sir Henry James Pearce KBE would not be safe with a loft- it would be flying pig in an attempt to get to the ladiez.

  2. Mopsy, I'm sure Boomer and Starbuck would love that, do share pictures somewhere whenever you get one set up for them. Although I don't envy you the moving process, it is such a pain not being able to find anything without digging through mountains of boxes.

    Agreed, peegs are not meant to fly. Ah well, at least every other piggy can still have a loft!

  3. Excellent cage! Everyone looks so happy and comfortable!

  4. I purchased it from an independent craftsman. I don't believe they make it anymore but you can try to get in touch with the seller by emailing them at guineapighouses@yahoo.com.

    Best of luck!

  5. Love it! Where did you find the barn?

  6. Cute guinea pigs I got one but going to get another soon.