Scenes from a guinea pig introduction

Here are pictures from when Truffle met Abby-Roo for the first time. In their case the introduction began with Truffle cautiously approaching the newcomer. You can see Truffle is on alert by her stance and the way the fur on her body is raised.

For the record, both are sows (female guinea pigs). Truffle will be two years old next month and Abby-Roo is a youngster, around 6-9 months old.

Nose to nose sniffing followed.

Since Abby-Roo did not exhibit any aggression Truffle decided it was safe to engage in butt sniffing and nudging. Abby-Roo was not at all fazed by the literal brown-nosing and continued to munch on pellets while Truffle took her time.

As usual, Abby-Roo's furry fin was a source of great intrigue.

To learn more about guinea pig social interactions and behavior, read Cavy Spirit's article on social life. The introductions section is a must-read if you are trying to get two pigs acquainted with each other.

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