Guinea Pig Spa Weekend: Part I

Guinea pig nail trimming essentials checklist

Can you guess what the pigs have to look forward to this weekend?

The dreaded nail trimming! Above is a checklist of essentials that make the ordeal go more smoothly for everyone. First we have two sizes of nail clippers: the small pair comes in handy for pigs with dainty front paws (Truffle and Abby-Roo) while the larger set is necessary for clipping through thick nails (Peaches and Revy).

Guinea pig nail clippers in small and large size

A cloth or towel can be used to bundle the cavy up like a burrito while edible bribes serve as a distraction to keep nipping teeth away from your fingers. Even if your pig refuses to eat they can always vent their frustration by viciously shredding the carrot to bits. Belka, Peaches and Revy become particularly savage with their baby carrots, picking them up and shaking them back and forth with their teeth.

Luckily for them, nail trimming only occurs once every month. How often do you trim your pigs toenails? What tips do you have to make unruly pigs a little more cooperative?


  1. I grab them, hold them firmly and just chop as fast as possible.

    All the horrors are oddly placid when nails are being trimmed.

  2. Kill it! Kill it! (the carrot, I mean).

    The checkbox for Victim Pig made me chuckle.

    I have a reminder for every six weeks to do nails. I generally do them myself, but an unruly pig gets the two-man team approach. I keep treats for after the torture is all done - they've learned that if they keep still, they get treats faster.