Guinea Pig Spa Weekend: Part II

Furry faces and suspicious eyes

In addition to nail trimming, pig baths are also on the weekend agenda. With six insubordinate, mildly hydrophobic cavies, this task is no mean feat.

When being washed, Peaches lets out plaintive, pitiable cries while Poof conveys panic with a frantic wide-eyed expression. Truffle and Belka scrabble around madly trying to scale sink walls and claw their way up nearby arms in their quest to escape the water. Revy tolerates bathing relatively well but isn't so forgiving during drying time. As for Abby-Roo, well, it took her an entire afternoon to recover from the confusion of being bathed for the first time last month.

It is going to be a fun weekend.


  1. Poor Californian cousins, I recommend a tactical peeing.


  2. My piggy loves bath time but drying time even more. He doesn't give me too much trouble when it rolls around.

  3. How often do you need to wash your guinea? My Wilbur is a year old and has never had a bath. He's not of the long haired variety, in fact he has very short hair and a soft shiny coat, he doesn't even smell... Does he still need a bath?

    Thanks x

    1. Hi Sophie,

      Most likely not unless you want to. Some pigs require them more than others. Short haired pigs are less likely to need the occasional bath than long haired pigs so based on what you described, Wilbur should be fine. If you do decide to wash him make sure to avoid getting water on his face or in his ears, and dry him thoroughly afterwards!

      Here are links to more info you might find helpful :)