Bluegrass hay is back

Bluegrass hay
Poof sitting on 45 lbs of hay

It's the moment everybody has been waiting for... bluegrass hay is back!

We ran out of KMS Hayloft's luxurious bluegrass hay earlier this March and were dismayed to find out that the pigs favorite hay wouldn't be back in stock until autumn. Four out of five spoiled cavies (Abby-Roo had yet to be adopted) were not enthused over the subsequent hay offerings and made their displeasure clear by reducing hay consumption while they adjusted to the new varieties. This protest continued on for several weeks until the picky pigs grudgingly accepted their alternatives.

Now that the wait is over we decided to stock up. The delivery arrived not long ago and pleased piggy purrs resounded as Belka, Truffle, Peaches and Poof caught whiff of their beloved bluegrass. The FedEx deliveryman may think we're crazy, but hopefully we won't run out again!

What hay can your pigs not live without?


  1. Piggy heaven!

    My farrballs like any hay, Timothy hay is a particular favourite.

  2. Years ago, when given the choice between KMS bluegrass or 3rd cut Timothy, my girls clearly chose the Timothy. If, on occasion, I have run out of that, they have not been as happy with the local hay (which is still *really* good stuff). I loved how soft the bluegrass was, but have been afraid to try switching back, given my girls' love for 3rd cut Timothy.