Let Sleeping Pigs Lie guinea pig beds

Let Sleeping Pigs Lie fleece guinea pig beds

We pigs have been thoroughly enjoying the Let Sleeping Pigs Lie beds that our humans won for us from the Bay Area Pignic. These padded beds feature sherpa fleece on one side, cotton on the other and are decorated with adorable guinea pig embroidery.

To the left is a Super Mat Bed in pink and to the right is a Puffy Bed in blue. Here is a demonstration of how we have been using our LSPL beds:

Inspecting the bed 

1. Ask your piggy slaves to tuck the bed under a pigloo, fleece side up. The cotton side may be cute to look at but the fleece is what works to keep your pig comfy and dry!

2. Investigate your new cage accessory. You can see Belka, Truffle and Poof in the process of checking out their new toy in the photo above.

Sleepy pig

3. Flop down and settle in for a nap. The fleece wicks away moisture and provides a cushioned place to sleep. We anticipate that this will be especially snug in the winter.

4. (Optional) Share... if you can! Poof, queen of the cage and lover of all things soft decided early on that this was her new favorite setup and monopolized the LSPL bed for hours at a time. Luckily she had to leave once in a while to eat, which is when Truffle and Belka would sneak in for a turn.
We are happy to report that these beds are a hit. A big thank you to Traci for giving us the chance to try these out!

To find out more, visit the Let Sleeping Pigs Lie store.


  1. The beds look amazing, so toasty, fleecy and snug.

    The horrors would love one each.

  2. I see those on GL from time to time, and always admire them.

  3. Thank you for the compliments! I am so glad to see the girls enjoying their new beds. They are gorgeous models!

    I *love* the pictures. :)