Abby-Roo's lawn time shenanigans


Little Abby-Roo loves being outside on the lawn. When given the opportunity she is content to scurry through the grass, chutting loudly all the while - or attempt to break into the other pigs enclosure, where Poof is always happy to deliver warning bites to show who is boss.

Of course, Abby-Roo only goes looking for trouble after she has eaten her fill. This piggy has priorities!


  1. Ah yes, this was back when she was still the smallest pig of the lot. Now she's working on catching up to Poof in size!

  2. I just searched for outdoor guinea pig enclosures for grass time (want to build something we can re-use instead of having to build one from scratch grids each time we come outside) and this pic came up on Google images. Abby-roo looks so tiny and cute!!!