Cavy boss Poof

Poof stares down Abby-Roo

Poof is the undisputed top dog - err, top cavy - in the cage she shares with Belka, Truffle and Peaches. The other cavies are content with this social hierarchy arrangement and have long since learned not to challenge her when it comes to favorite pigloos or sleeping spots. Mealtimes are the exception. It's every pig for herself when food is involved!

Abby-Roo however, is another story. Although she lives with Revy full time, she loves exploring the "other" cage that Poof holds court in.


On one occasion Abby-Roo ran smack dab into Poof on the other side of the hut and began loudly chattering her teeth. Poof would have none of Abby-Roo's dominance posturing and responded with chattering of her own and an intimidating showing of teeth. Each pig tried to raise her nose higher than the other until Abby-Roo was swiftly airlifted back into her own cage.

Poof on defense

Poof was a little on edge afterwards and showed her teeth to a befuddled Peaches, who had just settled down for a nap nearby. Peaches wisely relocated a safe distance away.

Angelic Poof

Everything returned to normal once Poof realized Abby-Roo was no longer in her domain. She then proceeded to don one of her signature innocent angelic piggy faces in hopes of a treat.

The little tyrant knows she's adorable.


  1. Great photos! I love that last shot - Poof looks like she's in a daze: What just happened?

  2. Oh my goodness this is too funny! GREAT shots! I can't believe how angry she looks standing so tall in front of poor Peaches. I am glad peace has resumed in the Court of Poof!