What's in our fridge: Pumpkin


We piggies finally got the chance to sample fresh pumpkin for the very first time last weekend! Cavy reactions ranged from ecstatic to indifferent.

To prepare the pumpkin for the taste test, our humans cut it down the middle then scooped out the seeds and innards. They cut out small chunks and sliced off the outer rind before offering the pieces to us raw and uncooked. They saved the rest for themselves to bake for pumpkin puree.

Guinea pigs Belka and Truffle eat pumpkin

Upon first sniff, Belka immediately snatched her new treat and ran off with it firmly grasped between her front teeth. Likewise, Revy also grabbed it and hurried off to eat it safely inside her pigloo.

Guinea pigs Peaches and Poof try pumpkin

Peaches ate a chunk enthusiastically before returning to the hay rack. Picky eater Truffle nosed aggressively at her portion but quickly lost interest. Poof took a few experimental nibbles but wasn't a huge fan. Abby-Roo ate a few bites of her pumpkin before walking off and leaving the remainder for Revy to devour.

Cavies Revy and Abby-Roo try eating pumpkin

Like most non leafy greens, pumpkin can be fed in small quantities. Since it is high in fiber, it can also be mixed with Critical Care. We have yet to try this but will keep it in mind for next time. 



  1. Great photos, as always. Good information, too!

  2. Have to get some for the horrors, Boomer and Bucky can be quite fussy eaters so their reaction will be interesting.