Uncooperative piggies & photo shoot bloopers

The Cali Cavy Collective guinea pig herd poses for the camera
Peaches, Truffle, Belka, Poof, Revy, & Abby-Roo

Getting six rambunctious guinea pigs to pose for photos is always a challenge. For every good group snapshot (loosely defined as a picture where every cavy is in the frame and looking in the general direction of the camera) there are countless other bungled shots.


If an enticing bribe has not been presented, some cavies are in the habit of wandering off.


Other pigs attempt to eat the props. In this case, the prop happened to be actual food so that was understandable. This is not so desirable when the prop is something along the lines of inedible objects or decorative tinsel.

Revy was so determined to eat the pumpkin, she actually managed to puncture it in several places. Rather impressive considering how solid the rind was.


Nose-butting and grumpy get-out-of-my-space nipping can also occur when cavy clans come together.


Other piggies stubbornly refuse to face the camera. Rebellious Abby-Roo and Belka love to turn their butts at the last second possible - just before a picture has been captured. 

Piggies just wouldn't be piggies if they weren't uncooperative. Nevertheless, their blooper shots are just as enjoyable as their requisite cute piggy pics. 


  1. The bloopers are so annoying at the time, but so fun to flip through afterward. I can't imagine herding six of them for a photo! Three was plenty. And there's always a butt shot!

    1. I am always impressed by people who have 10+ pigs lined up in photos. How do they manage?!

  2. Your patience is an example to us all.

    1. Not shown in photos: attempted food bribery, cursing, and other expressions of piggy slave frustration.

  3. Ya they're really funny! I haven't even TRIED to get my two piggies in a photo together unless they're asleep in their Pigloo.

  4. Peaches had things to do, weeds to eat.. she was one busy pig! Either that, or she was intent on slinking off to give Revy the evil eye.

  5. I love Peaches stretching out and running away! And Abby-roo has such a cute bum with that lovely tail feather, she just feels the need to share it with the world! Who can blame her, really? The bloopers really are just as fun as the "cute" pics.

  6. I have often wondered how you get the good group shots. Now I realize the answer is...patience.