Timothy hay comparison

guinea pig timothy hay comparison review

After the piggies finished their sample of Small Pet Select's 2nd cut timothy hay (read the review here), we were curious to see how KMS Hayloft's 2nd cut timothy hay would compare. We placed a small order for everyone to try out. For a visual comparison, click to enlarge the image above or magnify it here.

The batch of hay we received was somewhat stiffer than the SPS 2nd cut timothy hay, but still contained a good amount of green leafy bits combined with fibrous stems and springy seed heads.  Out of all the grass hays, KMS 3rd cut timothy was the softest and leafiest. We haven't had any problems with stiff hay causing eye injuries, possibly because of the way their hay rack is set up. By placing the closed bottom on the floor, pigs are required to pull out hay from the side instead of yanking it out while sitting underneath, which can sometimes cause hay to fall in their eyes.

guinea pig timothy hay comparison review

All six cavies were very enthusiastic over the new hay. Belka, Peaches, Truffle and Poof even emptied their hay rack in half the time they usually do. As an interesting note, their poop changed as a result of the switch, going from a dark brown/black color and squishy composition to a lighter brown color with a drier consistency (there were no variations in diet otherwise). There were also less bladder sludge spots left on the bedding. Overall, KMS 2nd cut timothy is another high quality grass hay that we will be repurchasing.


  1. Have you ever had a tooth injury from any hay racks? Since Jaina broke her tooth once, then completely lost it (and damaged the root, resulting in a messed up re-growth that we have to keep an eye on) I have been wary of hay racks. I don't know at all what caused the tooth injuries, nothing that I am aware of, but I did an ope-bottom hay rack for a while then moved to just putting it on the ground and changing it out frequently.

    Wendy LOVES to poke herself in the eye, so between Wendy's eyes & Jaina's teeth, I am at a loss for how to do hay! These pigs I tell ya...

    1. Hm, I actually haven't had any pigs with tooth injuries so far (knock on wood), nor have I heard of hay racks causing any. I have read on Guinea Lynx that broken teeth can be the result of injury, accident or a Vitamin C deficiency - but that's just as far as I know!

      Personally I prefer using a hay rack mainly because it ensures some supply of hay is kept clean and cuts down on odor. Often when I put it straight on the fleece they soil the majority of it so I end up tossing it out. Or they hide in it which is cute, but then they end up with hay all over their faces and near their eyes. I've also experimented with keeping the hay contained in a cardboard box, but then Poof and Peaches just sit inside pooping and sleeping on their poop all day.. argh. I know how you feel.. those problem pigs cause so much grief!

      Perhaps the tooth problems have a genetic factor to them? Sorry I couldn't provide any more insight!

  2. Also good info on the hay - I might have to try it for my girls, sounds tasty!

  3. Yeah I've read a lot on guinea lynx about vitamin deficiencies, heart issues, and injury causing tooth issues, but Nakamura says Jaina is perfectly healthy and she gets lots of fresh veggies, and KMS hay & pellets. She also loves to sleep in cardboard boxes of hay! I think I am going to build a vertical rack like yours (also saw your post from Sep 2011 linked from your hay rack video). I don't like hay on the ground either but was worried about bars....I just am not convinced the bars were the problem.