Another cozy hideaway

Now that temperatures have cooled every piggy has been making good use of their fleece cage accessories. As soon as one leaves another is quick to take her place. To appease the growing demand we ordered another cozy from the Cozy Cavy.

The Cozy Cave is a snuggly fleece tunnel that guinea pigs can sleep in and run through. The bed can be turned inside out when one side gets dirty. After seeing the new toy Abby-Roo barged straight in, waking Revy mid-nap. Abby-Roo was evicted soon after.

Peaches and Belka, who had become used to the other cozy, were momentarily thrown off by the change in color scheme but took to it immediately afterwards...

..until alpha pig Poof came along and claimed it for herself. With another snug hideaway in the cage everybody should be able to keep extra warm and toasty if they choose to.


  1. The horrors are now all demanding a cavy cosy each.

    1. Perhaps for Christmas, if they've been good little pigs? Er.. maybe they should be rewarded for being naughty mischievous pigs instead.

    2. There is also the question of "Would Mighty Big Red be able to fit in a cavy cosy?". He is after all, a very big pig.

    3. Revy and Peaches are also big pigs (topping 1360g at their heftiest) and still manage to fit themselves into cozies when given a chance. Surely even Woody can't outweigh those tubbies..?

  2. So cute love it :D