Cozy Cave from the Cozy Cavy

We managed to snag this guinea pig cage accessory one of the last times Marsha from the Cozy Cavy put a few premade items up for sale a few months ago. The Cozy Cave is a snuggly reversible fleece tunnel bed that we pigs can sleep in and run through.

Although it was purchased for Poof, we usually share like good little pigs and take turns napping in it. That is, unless Poof happens to be in a tyrannical mood and decides to reassert her dominance by evicting us from our peaceful cushioned slumber. Alas.

It looks like Belka has fallen asleep in the cushy hideaway..

..guess Truffle will have to be satisfied with napping on our slave instead!

According to their website, the Cozy Cavy will have their grand reopening at the end of April, follow the link for more info about their Cozy Cave.


  1. Woody has a cavy cosy, the only fault is it being too small to share with his beloved Boomer.

  2. Mopsy, I have no doubt that Boomer prefers it that way.