Grow, grass, grow!

Sadly, we piggies haven't been allowed outside lately as it has been pouring buckets for the past week. Forget cats and dogs, it has been raining cavies and capys in not-so-sunny California.

Yesterday night whee experienced our first thunderstorm, which put us on varying levels of alertness ranging from wide eyed and terrified (Peaches) to casually bored (Belka). Peaches needed treats and reassurance whilst Belka continued to eat her hay as if window rattling thunderstorms were an everyday occurrence akin to lettuce falling from the sky.

No matter though, our humans told us the rain would help the grass grow. That cheered us up, we hope that it will soon be as long as the grass in the pictures here.


  1. My pigs are totally jealous. We have only small patches of real grass in our yard, and it still hasn't been warm enough to go out.


  2. This summer I will be putting Mr Woody and Sir Harry Pearce on the lawn. Woody did not like being outside last year- I'm hoping that having his boar chum with him will make him feel more comfortable.

  3. PaintedThread, I'm sure your girls will be thrilled when the time comes.

    Mopsy if having Sir Harry nearby does not reassure Woody, surely his beloved Boomzilla's highly regarded presence would please him :)