Wooden guinea pig barn house

We are quite fond of this adorable wooden barn house. What makes this guinea pig hideaway especially unique is the built in hayloft up top!

Our favorite feature of this barn house is the hayloft, which can be stuffed with hay to provide an entertaining eating experience. Wooden slats run the length of the interior so pigs can yank out strands from both the inside and outside. Each side boasts either an entrance or lookout window. At 9"W x 14.5"L x 11"H, it is very roomy and matches well with the hay wagon.

The barn house is hand made with new materials, decorated with non toxic milk paint and sealed with non toxic clear coat so they can be cleaned and won't harm any pig that chews on them. Ours is painted in red with a dark mahogany colored roof. We can't decide if we like this barn or the Storybook cottage house better!

If you would like to order one for your guinea pig or find out more, check out Wheek Boutique on Etsy or email guineapighouses@yahoo.com.

Edit: post has been updated to reflect corrections, these houses are made by an independent craftsman not OCCH. We apologize for any confusion.


  1. Weeeeeee would like to adopt your human slaves, they seem much better than our Mummy.


  2. Oh Boomer, but your Mummy loves you so very much. Even if she does subject you to head squashings in Woody's company every so often.

  3. Hmmph, don't mention that stupid boar.

    I have decided to keep Mummy, as long as she buys me a barn.