Multi flavored hay rack

Since we are spoiled little guinea pigs, we get three different types of hay in our vertical hay rack: timothy, meadow and orchard grass.

This picture illustrates how the flavors are stacked at different levels, similar to a multi layered cake. We can reach different types by climbing up and down the sides of the rack.

Timothy hay, 3rd cut - from KMS Hayloft
Meadow hay - from Sweet Meadow Farm
Orchard grass hay - from Andy's Pet Shop, San Jose, CA

Ordinarily we only eat bluegrass hay from KMS Hayloft but since they don't expect to have any in stock until August, our slaves were forced to scramble around trying to find alternatives that would meet our discerning tastes. As a result, we have been forced to make do with this until then and are eagerly awaiting the return of our favorite hay...

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