Happy Easter


Happy Easter! Wishing every piggy and their slaves (reasonable amounts of) tasty Easter carrots. As for the picture above, it is our version of this picture from icanhazcheezburger.com.

Our slaves made a halfhearted attempt to lure us with some Easter egg hunt nonsense but we shamelessly ignored them in favor of stuffing our faces with as much tasty grass as possible. It was only after several grueling weeks of manual labor outdoors that our humans finally managed to turn the formerly pest and weed infested sorry excuse of a lawn into an area passably suitable for grazing grass. Its about time, we cavies were feeling quite deprived after hearing of so many piggy friends whom were able to indulge freely in greener pastures.


It was only later that we saw what the Easter piggy brought us! Humans might enjoy candy inside their plastic eggs, but we guinea pigs much prefer our surprise of baby carrots.



  1. They all look very happy with the results of their Easter egg hunt!

    Excellent pictures. :)

  2. LetSleepingPigsLie, thanks! With all that grass, how could they NOT be happy :)