Peaches vs Cherry Tomato

Peaches recently battled a small regiment of cherry tomatoes at mealtime. It is unclear who won the battle, the determined little guinea pig or the tomatoes.

One can argue that since Peaches devoured the tomatoes (as evidenced by the juice dripping down her chin), she was victorious.

Peaches models a veggie juice mustache

But to Peaches chagrin, a thorough bath followed soon after these pictures were taken so it can also be argued that the tomatoes had the last laugh. In her defense, she is accustomed to larger sized fare such as Roma tomatoes so perhaps the juicier cherry tomatoes took her by surprise.

Lesson learned: Some cavies are meticulously neat eaters. Peaches is the type who leaves tomato juice splattered all over the cage walls.


  1. Poor General Peaches, she embodies the quote from the Duke of Wellington that the only thing worse than a battle lost is a battle won.

  2. Mopsy, indeed! General Peaches was not expecting having to learn naval warfare so soon in her tomato battling career.

  3. Bertie is like Peaches - she always has a big Fu Manchu after eating tomatoes.

    I love that the tomatoes got revenge. ;-)