A Dreadful Wheek-end


Last weekend all six cavies were unwilling participants in Spa Day. The treatment began with nail trimming, a reasonably manageable task if enough carrot bribes are close at hand. After all, ill-humored pigs are far less likely to retaliate if they have a mouthful of baby carrot to distract them.


Next came the baths. By now everyone has become accustomed to being bathed in the kitchen sink but since it was chilly, the setup was moved to the much warmer bathroom. Upon being confronted with a shower head for the first time, the indignant Belka proceeded to throw a piggy temper tantrum.


Washing in pairs didn't make anyone much happier. Truffle and Poof scrambled around the shower stall searching for an escape route, which made soaping them up quite a challenge. Both were pooped by the time they were ready to be blow dried.


Abby-Roo also wasn't appreciative of the complete spa experience, grooming and shaking her fur out repeatedly under the hair dryer.


After the bath ordeal, both cages were changed and a mountain of pig laundry was washed. Meanwhile, all the pigs sat in a sulk for the remainder of the evening - except for Peaches, who was cross and puffed up well into the next morning. Boy, can that peeg hold a grudge. 


  1. Oh my goodness, Peaches' piggy sulk is SO cute! I love the extreme puff she is achieving in this picture :)

  2. This was such a delightful post. I do love the piggy updates, they are so well written and entertaining. The pictures were great, too. I really liked the Abby-roo action photo.

  3. Life is just not fair, pups. Boomer feels the cold dreadfully so rarely gets bathed.

    Impressive sulking from Peaches- she looks silently furious!

    1. Boomzilla has a good excuse, Peaches wishes she could get away that easily.

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