A multi course dinner


Dinners in this piggy household usually come in several courses, beginning with the main event: fresh leafy greens. As Belka, Truffle, Peaches and Poof share one large food bowl they tend to spread themselves out in an X formation for maximum reach.

Other veggies such cucumber slices, tomato wedges, bell peppers, and herbs are given at some point afterwards to make certain that every pig receives their share. This ensures a well balanced diet - if everything was offered at once, certain pigs would eat all of one vegetable while others would be scarfing down all of another food. In other words, Belka would be inhaling all the tomatoes, Truffle would be devouring all the parsley, and Poof would be filling herself up on mint leaves while Peaches would be off hoarding every last romaine leaf.


Following the daily food bowl raid every pig inevitably migrates to the hay rack, which is filled with a mix of 2nd cut timothy and bluegrass. A hay buffet complements every veggie dish!


The last step of the dinner routine is sleep. After having eaten her fill Truffle prefers to plonk down for a nap. A full pig is a happy pig.  


  1. "A full piggy is a happy piggy", are words to live by, but not just for piggies.

  2. Your pups are so lucky, the horrors get one lot of veggies a day. I try to vary the specific veggies while taking into account particular tastes.

    1. I think if they had their way, each would be penning demands for a different personalized menu. They are all divas.

  3. My piggy gets little treats from the kitchen such as carrot tops and extra pieces of lettuce. Some times i sneak him extra veggies!