Bossy pig

Opinionated Revy sometimes deems it necessary to remind roommate Abby-Roo who is boss in their home.

After deciding to lay claim to the cardboard tunnel, she provided an impressive display of cavy dominance behavior by rumblestrutting at Abby-Roo through the nearest entrance. Irritable popcorns and loud complaints punctuated her statement.

What happened next? She plodded off to much at their hay rack, of course.


  1. Yes, many pigs don't enjoy being petted against the fur so they make a similar sound to indicate displeasure or alarm, sort of like a "durr".

    You're also correct on the second part - low purring noises and rumblestrutting (where they sway their rear from side to side) are how pigs try to establish dominance with each other. Winston and Rockii are just trying to figure out who is boss!

  2. Sometimes, my pig, Winston, will do the purr thing when I pet him backwards (against the fur) so, I think he doesn't like that. He also does it though when he is around my other male piggy...who is much bigger. They don't fight....but I think it may be to show dominance to Rockii. Am I right? He only does the purr thing when I backwards pet him.