A roly-poly peeg


Revy has very specific requirements for cuddle time: snacks, a snooze, and a lap. As long as her demands are met and she is being petted in a certain way (nose scratches and head pets are acceptable, the back and butt zones are not) she is content to settle down like a loaf of roly poly pig.


However, being perched on a shoulder is not on Revy's list of sanctioned out-of-cage activities. Whenever this occurs the podgy pig makes her protests known by complaining loudly right into the nearest ear. Her face says it all: "Put me down!"


  1. How rude, Revy, the horrors say deploy some strategic peeing when placed in a position you do not like.

  2. haha, poor, man-handled Revy! Strategic peeing does seem to be in order here...