Exploring the fleece forest

Here's a video clip of all the pigs scoping out their fleece forest. Admittedly these have been a cage fixture for a while now so they aren't a novelty, but are still enjoyed regardless.

Reluctant to give up her prime lookout post, Belka can be seen nipping at Poof to discourage her advance. Anticipating trouble, Truffle shuffled out of the way just in time for Poof to oust Belka from her spot. No one messes with the alpha pig!

In the cage next door, Revy and Abby-Roo can be observed weaving their way through the fleece strips. Revy quickly spotted the camera and became very interested in testing the feasibility of eating the lens. Abby-Roo was just happy to see that her favorite bathroom corner was clean.

Think your guinea pigs would enjoy one in their cage? View instructions on how to make your own DIY fleece forest.


  1. Replies
    1. Glad you enjoy them Sir Brian - hoping to bring you more Peegs In Action!

  2. The girls are certainly having a wonderful time with their fleece forests!

  3. Loved it! Your guys always make me smile! ~ Tevis
    We liked it too! We are wheeking for Mommy to make us a fleece forest! - James and Ben

    1. James and Ben, hope you guys will have fun!

  4. My Gus looks kind of like Revy. He is black and white too, also he is an abbisynian! :D (He is my profile picture)