Inter-cavy communications


Truffle and Poof sharing a moment. Poof usually doesn't tolerate other pigs invading her personal space but on this occasion allowed Truffle to snuffle at her ear.

This was accompanied by quiet muttering from both parties as they peered into the neighboring cage where Revy was puttering about, oblivious to the scrutiny.

Were they captured in a moment of camaraderie, or merely scheming how to pilfer Revy and Abby-Roo's leftover timothy pellets from the other side of the bars? You decide.


  1. Scheming, definately scheming.

    "You distract the humans and I'll make a grab for the pellets"

  2. I also vote for scheming. Wendy & Fergie do this a lot, and they are definitely some very naughty pigs, so it must be scheming! Cute picture!