Cavy cozy habits


The idea behind a cavy cozy is simple enough: a cushioned hideaway made of fleece to keep your guinea pigs snug and their bottoms dry. Like Truffle, many pigs prefer to use cozies how they were intended by tucking themselves into the sheltered pocket.

Well, not Peaches. She prefers to defy conventional cozy usage by sitting on top of the cozy rather than inside it, effectively preventing other pigs from taking refuge.

Truffle manages to get in the last word though... by habitually using Peaches' sleeping spot as a butt wipe.

"Sleep IN the cozy? Why would I want to do that?"


  1. And I haven't really found any rhyme or reason why the choose on top or in. My pigs will often swap between the two. I thought, at first, it might be due to the seasons, but it appears to be entirely random.

  2. I have not noticed a reason, either. Other than Fergie definitely prefers to lay on top - maybe dominance? Otherwise they all swap between inside and top.
    Truffle just looks so sleepy & cute, I want to snuggle her!