Picture perfect cavies


Photo sessions rarely go smoothly when unruly cavies are the subjects - especially when not one, but six disorderly pigs are involved. Achieving a group lineup similar to this one from last year requires an abundance of patience, edible bribes, and pig wrangling.

Most of the time the boisterous models just aren't in the mood to cooperate. As if following a prearranged agreement to be contrary, Truffle, Peaches, and Belka all presented the camera with their furry butts. An openly defiant Revy began to hoof it out of the frame while Abby-Roo circled hurriedly trying to polish off the rest of the wheatgrass. Poof was the only one left gazing in the desired direction.

What diva pigs... maybe next time!

Cavy slaves, do you have any tips for capturing pigture perfect piggies? Any stories about prop consumption, set destruction, or general peeg rebellion to share?


  1. They may not have been cooperative, but it led to a delightful post. I love the pictures, anyway!

  2. I love the one with Poof looking forward! At least they are all lined up straight and it looks intentional hehe. I find that trapping them in on the sides works, so I made a grid set-up with 45 degree sides - corrals them in but isn't a hard edge in pictures if they wander off to the side, as they are prone to doing.

  3. You take such lovely pictures -- even the outtakes.

    I don't do a lot of photo shoots - it's usually just my Christmas shots. We certainly have had our share of set destruction. Mostly, we take the attitude of taking a multitude of photos, and tire the pigs out, and eventually we'll get one or two good shots.

  4. hiyah, i'm new to blogger but thought i'd stop by n say hello, i have 11 guinea piggies