What's in our fridge: Radicchio

can guinea pigs eat radicchio
Poof nibbles on a head of Verona radicchio

We first came upon radicchio in a Trader Joe's salad bag of mixed greens. When Belka, Truffle, Peaches, and Poof began to regularly engage in tug-of-war battles over this unusually colored leaf, it became obvious that radicchio was a favorite. Since there was rarely enough to go around, we sought it out and integrated it into the cavy vegetable rotation.

Seasonal availability: Peak season is Jan-April, can be found year-round at specialty supermarkets.

How to pick: Choose radicchio with crisp, firm leaves. Avoid plants with mushy brown spots or limp leaves.

guinea pig radicchio

Radicchio is a beloved favorite with all six pigs. As you can see in the video clip, there's never any hesitation whenever this member of the chicory family lands in their food bowls. Which, incidentally, is a good reason to make them work for it!

Compare radicchio with other guinea pig safe foods by visiting the Guinea Lynx Diet/Nutrition chart.

Have your pigs ever sampled radicchio?


  1. Look at those poor starving pigs! Especially the ones on the wrong side of the fence. ;-) Your girls really tear into that!

    My girls rarely get radicchio - usually only if I get salad mix from the bargain bin or from a friend. I may have to buy a head!

  2. I love how Abby-Roo huffs off like a supermodel: "No pictures while I'm eating!"

    Where did you get the blue hanging ball? I bet my boys would love something like that!

    1. Hi Susan, I purchased the hanging ball quite a few years ago. I took a look and unfortunately they seem to have discontinued the toy. However, I did find someone who is selling them on ebay. Here is the link:


      Hope that helps!

  3. The horrors have only experienced radicchio in a mixed bag of lettuce- it was acceptable.

    The late lamented Dido was a huge fan of the chicory family.

  4. Thanks for tip guys. I will have to find some for my boys to try out!