Almost cuddling cavies


Legend has it that some piggies prefer to snooze curled up next to each other. Well, not any of the Cali Cavy Collective pigs. Poof and Revy long ago enacted strict no sharing rules in their respective domains. Offenders are met with stern piggy stares and a warning flash of teeth.

Finding Truffle and Belka slumbering together in such close quarters was an unusual sight. Truffle was dozing on the puffy bed while Belka was hibernating inside the pigloo. It's difficult to see in the photo, but they were sleeping face to face with their noses almost touching. Although to be fair, I haven't seen it happen again since!

Do any of your pigs share? Or are they too solitary sleepers? 


  1. Bertie liked to be near Pinni, but not touching. I don't remember Willow and Pippin sleeping near each other. But my favorites were Athena and Victoria, who'd smush themselves into a little hidey house to sleep together. The only pigs I've ever seen do that.

  2. I must admit to the occasional flash of jealousy when I see people who have pigs that really cuddle up together. Jaina and Wendy usually opt for sleeping side-by-side about an inch apart, and when Fergie comes down off her mighty mountain and decides to "cuddle" it's usually sleeping nose-to-nose with Jaina like the picture above. Jaina and Wendy sleep together at least once a day, Fergie only does it about every 2 weeks.
    Truffle & Belka make me want to take a nap, they look so cute and comfy!

    1. How funny, and precise of them. Glad I'm not alone in cuddling pig envy!

  3. Princess and Katie sleep together at night in their pigaloo. They find various places to sleep alone during the day, but seem to need the comfort at night.

  4. When Pinky was alive, he and Perky slept close together most of the time. Since Pinky passed away, Perky now has to sleep close to something, usually his food bowl!

  5. Boomy would love to sleep snuggled up to Starbucky- Bucky nips her and tells her to do one.

    Camomile and Muffin always sleep cuddled up in their log cabin together.