Playtime with the Egg-cersizer

The piggies become enthusiastic whenever they see the Egg-cersizer in their cage, filled with treats and ready to be manhandled - make that cavyhandled.

Peaches in particular gets so fired up, she begins nipping indiscriminately while defending "her" treat ball. Despite Peaches' best efforts, Belka and Truffle aren't so easily deterred. Squeaky squabbles ensue as each cavy competes for a tasty morsel. 

In the cage next door, Revy welcomes the chance to show the Egg-cersizer who is boss. Nobody keeps food from the fearsome Revy peeg! Even Poof and Abby-Roo are motivated to join in when carrots are involved, though they certainly don't feel as strongly when celery is the main attraction. 

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  1. Haha, that was great! Oh, Revy...

  2. I love watching Revy pick it up like that!

  3. Haha, bossy peegs! I love when they try to steel each others carrots!